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The latest additions to the site are copies of my M.Phil. Thesis and Senior Honours Project Report. To view them, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. There are some Publications about my M.Phil. work, along with an extended abstract and poster that I presented during May 2000 in Lisbon.

I have just finished (June 2000) my studies in Computer Science at St. Andrews University in Scotland. My course also incorperated some honours modules from the Psychology department. My interests and hobbies include reading, cross country running, seeing new interesting parts of the world, learning German, and playing with Linux. I have been a competitor in the BBC's Robot Wars series with our (Philips sponsored) team entry 'Tender Caress'. Our defeat was shown to the world on BBC 2 in January 1999 :-(.

I spent an amazing final University year working at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland. Since then I've been trying hard to learn more German, and have just finished an evening course at the Linguarama School in London. By day I'm kept busy at Philips Research working on service concepts for 2.5-3G mobile devices - following up previous work on 2G devices.

If you still use Acorn computers, then you might be interested in my project to bring VRML to Acorn Machines, my other Acorn programs or my links page. Then again maybe not as they are all a little out of date now.

Also online here is one of my psychology experiments and some of the software from my Senior Honours research project, which allows you to visualize how a neural network is learning in 3d.

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