Programs from my School Days

All of the programs below were written at various times while I was in school. The copyright to some was sold to Argus Specialist Publications who put them on the cover disc of Archimedes World magazine. Aswell as those below, I have written a large number of 'small' utilities, one of which grew into a commercial product called 'Utils'.

Caves of Doom

This was a rockfall logic puzzle typed game. It was written in 1991 and published on the cover disc of Archimedes World Magazine in October 1992. The screenshot above is of an editor for the game.

The Logo Interpreter

Logo was also published in October 1992 by Argus Specialist Publications. As I understand it is still used in schools, and was re published on a CD Rom magazine cover disc in 1995. It was a really great way to introduce children to information technology, and very easy to use being fully 'windowed'. Logo could even produce vectored output for inclusion into DTP documents and eventual output to PostScript, somthing no other logo could do at the time!

The Health Quiz

This was my winning entry to the SATRO 1991 health quiz competition, run jointly by SATRO and Grampian Health Board. SATRO was a technology exhibition that used to happen anually in the North East of Scotland. The comptition was to write a computer program to promote health awareness using a questionaire.

'Utils', general utility program

Utils started life as a collection of shortcuts around the computer. It provided hotkeys, a 'tree' display of the hard disc, quick menus and lots of other things to get things done quicker. The program was marketed by Argus Specialist Publications on a royalties basis until 1995, when it started showing its age against other products.

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